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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Say NO to Janesville Politicians Representing West Bend

The race to replace Bob Ganon for the 58th Assembly District is heating up.  Local Candidates Tiffany Koehler, Steve Stanek, and Rick Gundrum, all of whom are very good, have already declared.  I have worked with Rick a lot over the last year, and also have come to know Tiffany over the last year.  I met Steve last week and was impressed.  Any of the 3 of them would represent our district well.

The Republican Party will also have a 4th candidate, a parachute candidate (see below if you are not sure what a parachute candidate is)  from Janesville whose name I won't even mention but who bears the initials SZ. 

I don't support parachute candidates, and I won't support this individual at all. 

I encourage everyone to look at the good local candidates, Stanek, Gundrum, and Koehler, before voting for an out-of-towner. I have not yet decided which of them I will vote for, but I will support all of them.

Parachute Candidate--- "also known as a “carpetbagger” in the United States, is a pejorative term[1] for an election candidate who does not live in and has little connection to the area he or she is running to represent. The allegation is thus that the candidate is being “parachuted in” for the job..."

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